Image Manipulation Service

Manipulation Service in Ghost Manque, Neck Join and others manipulation service

Image Manipulation Service


Design sector has lots of innovative plus creative stuffs which are actually enjoyable and plenty significant for all. In design division have a lot of service as like Clipping Path Service, , Image Masking Service, Glamour Retouching Service Background Knockout Service,  Hair Masking Service, Background Remove Service, Ghost Mannequin Service, Digital Make up Service, Image Cut Out, Image Cropping Service, Raster to Vector Service,  Magazine Ads Design Service counting lots of service.



Ghost Mannequin Service is for any kind of design. For functioning on a picture take a simple photo for the piece mannequin. It might be for t-shirt or any kind of dress wearing by populace or doll. I choose one for the t-shirt plus take the picture of t-shirt within out on the same mannequin. Then mask out the picture’s neckline part of the picture which one I took in preceding step 1. Mask out the image which I took in the step 2 and then add various shadows. Put the step 4 under in the picture step 3, then merely using heal tool or else stamp where we require getting the result. This is pretty time intensive editing. However it can give overwhelming results.


Not all companies or else designer could easily make this effect or else design. This design is actually make everything attractive plus sometimes creative. Also it could easily make this result perfectly by using two shoots. Ghost mannequin effect is at this instant a new trend in fashion house. It always helps to catch the customer’s magnetism and increase the business. Hope all clientele and people would like this effect. Also designer’s maxim is to produce cost effectual high quality images that would increase online presence plus increase sales.


We have expert and specialist designers who have several years of experience in ghost mannequin retouch. The bulk of our clients uses Ghost Mannequin result services on e-commerce web sites, as well with national customers, internationally, plus catalogues to produce an enhanced shopping experience, to stand out from their competitor and to augment sales. Over the 30 years of skill they have worked with several of the world’s most renowned brands so why they pride their self with their welcoming atmosphere, outstanding retouching and a sturdy emphasis on design.All other services are as well important for industry in the present market. Without this whole design graphics division not get its fullness.


To manipulate photo and turn someone in a photo in to a ghost, there are many filters that might be used in Photoshop. The most outstanding type of pictures to use is ones where the background is moderately dark. By following these simple steps in Photoshop, you might turn anybody in a usual picture in to a ghost.


You must have an attractive spooky ghost effect by Photoshop ghost effect service provided by our company.  This process could be modified with diverse filters plus setting, but fundamentally you require to desiderate this, blur the majority of the picture, and get the subject to glow precisely.

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