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“When it comes to image editing, hair can be one of the most challenging elements to work with. Fortunately, at Silo Path, we specialize in providing exceptional hair masking services that help you achieve flawless image editing results. Our team of experts uses the latest tools and techniques to ensure that every strand of hair is perfectly outlined and retained, resulting in stunningly realistic and visually striking images.”

Photoshop Remove White Background Service

Photoshop Hair Masking Service With Silo Path

What is photoshop masking service?

Did you ever notice how photoshop hair service improves the appearance of a photograph?  Well, eight out of ten people do not check so. Or, they lack a comprehensive idea about the photo editing. And when it is about image masking, they are almost in the dark. It is a type of photo editing. In brief, it is a process of removing the background of a photo. But the procedure is a bit special than conventional background removal.

Using the support from clipping mask in photoshop, an expert performs the job. The sole aim of this process is to make the photo look more beautiful. The application of a clipping mask in photoshop brings a detailed look.

If you are dealing with an e-Commerce business, photoshop masking service is a must for you. The service will make your products look striking. Consequently, you will have more visitors, and that will result in more sales.

However, the clip mask photoshop is not easy to apply everywhere. Some of the photos may need special attention while image masking in photoshop. 

Now a day it is crucial for model and product photographers that how to mask in Photoshop? Without knowing it, photographers are not perfect for their professional careers. So, here is a step-by-step guideline for new photographers to know how to mask in Photoshop. At the beginning of their profession, they can follow this guideline. 


Types of photoshop masking services we provide:-

With the growth of the photo editing industry, the needs are rising too. Thereby, we have different services to meet the growing needs of our valued clients. Under this image masking service, we have categorized it in several types. The types are:


Layer Masking Service

Layer masking is an essential way of photo editing. It is a useful tool when you are editing an image. In brief, a layer mask is a way of modifying the opacity of a layer. It is a selective process of image modification. An expert photo editor modifies different areas in a layer through this process. However, the application of this layer masking is a bit different. The transparency of this layer is non-destructive. So, it is a flexible option to manipulate the image more effortless manner.


Alpha channel masking

Alpha channel masking is the way to store the masks. In a nutshell – it is the process to see the color that is with the background. Under this editing service, you isolate the area which you select for editing. The channel comes in a gray scale image. Hence, you can edit this part with other editing tools. Moreover, you can apply filters too. In the same way, the alpha channel stores the portion. The other key benefit of the channels is that you can apply it to other images as well.


Fur & Hair Masking

Most of the time, the fur and hair bring an artificial look in the images. Using the far and hair masking services, you can easily remove those imitated looks. The masking technique allows one to apply or modify brightness and color too. If you need to change or correct the exposure, that is possible too. Separating the fur and hair from the background is another feature here. Applying a clipping path on fur or hair may appear more complex. But using masking hair in photoshop will reduce your efforts. In the end, the photo objects get a natural look.


Refine Edge Masking

Another promising photo manipulation technique is the refine edge masking. It can help to enhance the initial selections while photo editing. Solely, refine edge masking is a unique tool to remove an unwanted subject from the photo. The application of this tool is effortless. And anyone without any prior experience can do it. However, this is a sophisticated task. And not all the photoshop versions will also perform it. Accessing the section of refine edge masking is not always available.


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Transparent object Masking

Transparent object masking in photoshop isolates the background. But only those portions which are transparent or translucent. It helps to remove unwanted pixels from the photo. Applying gradient transparencies, the online image masking smoothly separates the object. During the application, it performs a technique which is known as Opacity masking. With the application of this service, you can have some specific benefits. First of all, you can apply the drop shadow in your images. Consequently, the photo will get a realistic look. Simultaneously, it will provide a transparent effect, but there would be no loss of translucency. If the transparent objects are in the background remove , it helps to remove that. Easily.


Translucent object Masking

On the other part, translucent object masking helps to remove white background of translucent objects.

At times, this is not possible to use the photoshop clipping path to remove such an object. This particular technique can do that easily.

It is more applicable while working with images of glass, jewelries or similar other objects. Investing fewer efforts, you can replace or remove the pixels that make a disturbance


Object Masking

The object masking is a particular way to hide some parts in an image. After the masking, it looks like the masked objects were invisible.

If you want to frame any image, this is a particular way to follow.

Interestingly, there are several types of object masks available. And each of them has its distinctive applications. Based on the size and shape of the objects, you need to create the mask.


Color Masking

Editing random colors bring a lively and natural look in the objects. And without color masking, this is not possible to have the changes. Applying masks, you can put a bracket in the range of colors. So, the colors get controlled. Moreover, color masking also allows limiting the range of shades. Finally, you get complete control over your edited image. If you want to store various grayscale images, the color masking feature will help you do that. Similarly, you can apply the RGB as well for the customization of the color.

Clipping Mask

Mostly, the clipping mask controls a layer. To be more specific, clipping mask control layer visibility.

Though it may work as a layer mask, it is different than a layer mask.

It uses the content of one layer to control the other.

The use of transparency is also noticeable while working with a clipping mask. It does the same job.


Who needs Photoshop image masking service?

To be frank, the number of people and group need photo masking service is enormous. The photo editing industry has expanded a lot. Accordingly, the photo editing demands vary as well. But for your convenience, check the list below. Here are the people and group need this particular service more.

  • Professional photographers
  • Modeling photographers
  • Printing service providers
  • E-Commerce services
  • Product photography
  • Jewelry photography
  • Super stores
  • Different types of manufacturers
  • Real estate business
  • Car manufacturers
  • Advertisement Agencies
  • Clothing brands
  • Cosmetic brands
  • Shoe brands
  • Brands of lifestyle products
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Amateur photographers

And the list continues. The people described above or group apply the photo masking service. It brings a variation in the looks of their products. When the product becomes eye-catchy, it holds the attention of the potential client(s). 

In the end, the photos allure the customers. And you can witness positive growth in your business.

When to not use an online image masking service? 

Of course, image masking in photoshop is a particular way to remove the background. It helps to add a striking environment. Also, the end-level users can have an extraordinary image or photo of their product. So, the importance of photoshop image masking service is undeniable.

But, to some extent, you are unable to apply this photo masking in photoshop. You can have two particular times where not applying photoshop image masking is appreciated.

The first one is about the sharp edges. When there are sharp edges in the image, you should not apply the photoshop image masking. The masking background will make the photo look unpleasant.

And the second one is when you have the product and background with the same color.


Well, when the background and the product have the same color, there might be some mismatch. The sole purpose of photo masking images is to change the background. It helps the photo wear a perfect look. But with the same background and product color change, you cannot have the right outlook.

So, if you get such images, it is wise not to apply the photoshop masking images



Photoshop image masking service at Silo Path

Photo editing is a growing industry. Every day, the need for clipping mask in photoshop is on the rise. Hence, the silopath provides the clip mask photoshop service for its local and global clientele.

Clipping mask in photoshop is no big deal for us. As we have photoshop clipping mask experts, they carefully perform the jobs. We provide a notable number of services to satisfy the needs of the clients.

Photoshop hair masking is one of those activities. Under extreme care, we complete the hair masking process so that the images look gorgeous. The application of photoshop masking service is also visible in other aspects of life.

Using the image masking in photoshop, it becomes easier to make the photos lively. The photo masking service removes unwanted elements. So, we can assure you to deliver the best photos when we apply image masking in image processing.

At times, this is not possible to click the right photos. And if you need to use those for professional purposes, photo masking in photoshop is a must. You should hire a professional instead of online image masking services.

Professionals like us can ensure the smooth photoshop image masking service. Further, the turnaround time is lower too.

Worried about the masks photoshop prices? Not to worry. The prices of photoshop masking images are reasonable. Besides, we have a couple of pricing plans too. So, you can grab any of the plans for your photoshop image masking needs.

Alongside the masking background, we also perform masking hair in photoshop. This masking hair photoshop is applicable to beautify the furry photos. Thus, this agency can be your trusted partner in photo editing needs.


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Get a professional photo editing service at an affordable price. If you want to judge our work quality please send a free trial of 2/3 images


How does Silopath perform Photoshop masking?

Silopath employs skilled graphic designers who use advanced tools and techniques in Adobe Photoshop to accurately create masks, such as layer masks, alpha channel masks, or clipping masks, based on the client’s requirements.

What is the turnaround time for Photoshop masking services at Silopath?

The turnaround time depends on the complexity and volume of the project. Silopath strives to provide fast and efficient services. They can provide an estimated timeframe based on the specific project requirements.

How does Silopath ensure the confidentiality and security of client images?

Silopath takes client confidentiality and image security seriously. They have strict policies and robust security measures in place to protect client data and images. Only authorized personnel have access to the images, and they are deleted from their system after project completion.

Can Silopath provide samples or examples of their previous Photoshop masking work?

Yes, Silopath can provide samples or examples of their previous Photoshop masking work upon request. They have a portfolio showcasing their expertise and the quality of their masking services.

What is a masking tool?

A masking tool is a feature or tool available in image editing software that allows you to selectively hide or reveal certain areas of an image. It is used to create masks, which are grayscale or alpha channel-based selections that determine the transparency or visibility of specific parts of an image.


Can Silopath handle both simple and complex masking requirements?

Yes, Silopath is experienced in handling both simple and complex masking requirements. Their skilled team can handle a wide range of masking tasks, from basic object removal to intricate hair or fur masking with meticulous precision.

Can Silopath handle bulk orders or large volumes of images for masking?

Absolutely! Silopath is equipped to handle bulk orders and large volumes of images for masking. They have a streamlined production process and a team capable of handling high-capacity projects without compromising on quality.

What are the pricing options for Photoshop masking services at Silopath?

Silopath offers competitive pricing tailored to the specific requirements of each project. The cost depends on factors such as complexity, volume, and turnaround time. Clients can contact Silopath for a personalized quote based on their project details.

How can I contact Silopath for further inquiries or to discuss my specific project requirements?

To contact Silopath, you can visit their website at and use their contact form or email them at [[email protected]] They are prompt in their responses and will be happy to assist you with any inquiries or project discussions.


What are the 5 types of masking in Photoshop?

In Adobe Photoshop, there are several types of masking techniques you can use to achieve different effects and control the visibility of specific areas in an image. Here are five commonly used types of masking in Photoshop:

Layer Masks, Clipping Masks, Vector Masks, Quick Masks, Alpha Channel Masks, and many more.