High quality apparel photo editing services can make or break ecommerce fashion brands looking to drive more sales. So, investing in professional photo editing and retouching drastically enhances visual content through removing backgrounds, adjusting colors/lighting, resizing, and more. In addition, this article will dive into our specialized apparel photo editing services, 9 types of services, how it increases conversions, affordable pricing, examples, and conclusions.

What Are Apparel Photo Editing Services
What Are Apparel Photo Editing Services

What Are Apparel Photo Editing Services?

Apparel photo editing services refer to expertly altering and enhancing photos to optimize visual appeal, focus, and visual presentation. However, the goal is creating clean, refined apparel pictures that entice online shoppers to click and buy. Apparel photo editing services tackle various complex edits like:

  1. Clipping paths: Outlining apparel with precision cutouts
  2. Color correction: Strategically adjusting hues, saturation, brightness, contrast
  3. Object removal: Eliminating flaws, logos, price tags, sensors
  4. Background removal: Deleting messy or distracting backgrounds
  5. Shadows & reflections: Adding realistic shadows below levitated items
  6. Resizing & cropping: Formatting apparel pictures for web use
9 Types of Apparel Photo Editing Services
9 Types of Apparel Photo Editing Services

Our 9 Types of Apparel Photo Editing Services

We offer 9 main types of photo editing to take fashion brand visuals to the next level. Each targets different goals for optimizing apparel images:

Background Cleaning

Our artists precisely cut out apparel from scenes via clipping paths, removing all distracting backgrounds fully. So, this isolates products against pure white backgrounds for maximum focalization without competing elements. Also, we outline every intricate detail along fabrics and accessories.

Apparel Photo Retouching

Dedicated retouchers creatively adjust the apparel itself through lighting edits, color correction and contrast optimization. Therefore, this brings out product intricacies like fabric textures, embroidery details, accessory embellishments and garment silhouettes for enhanced desirability.

Custom Backgrounds

We create entirely new backgrounds that align with your brand identity and target demographics. So, it includes solid colors like white, lifestyle imagery, location backplates, graphical prints/patterns and gradient color fills. Matching apparel to aspirational imagery builds connections.

Ghost Mannequin Effects

For hanging apparel, we make the bust/dress forms invisible through layer masking, creating a floating “ghost mannequin” effect that artfully displays the outfit itself as the sole focus in the frame. The apparel appears to magically levitate.

Color Changes

Don’t have a budget for multiple product colorways? No problem – we easily change colors on request without any reshoots needed. Because this facilitates showcasing expanded color options and pattern variations without expanded inventory costs.

Wrinkle Removal

Any visible wrinkles along apparel themselves are smoothed out through spot healing and liquify warping for having items appear perfectly crisp, clean and freshly pressed right off the rack. This refinement enhances luxury.

Cropping, Resizing and Optimization

Images are strategically resized for ideal web/mobile use, formatted either tall/narrow or wide. Improper original crops can be adjusted. Lastly we optimize editing layers for fast loading speeds across all devices.

Fashion Model Editing

For apparel brands showcasing designs on models, so we offer body sculpting and toning, subtle skin smoothing and makeup editing, eye brightening, outfit changes through layer swapping and a wide range of customizable beauty retouching (Retouch Up) options depending on your needs for the campaign or collection theme.

Symmetrical Editing

To balance apparel displays on mannequins/forms, we visually mirror items equivalently across both left and right sides. So, its achieves pleasant symmetry and visual harmony in the presentation styling. Great for product catalogs!

Benefits of Professionally Edited Apparel Photos
Benefits of Professionally Edited Apparel Photos

Benefits of Professionally Edited Apparel Photos

Investing in apparel photo editing services has repeatedly been shown to increase conversion rates and sales. Also, Clean cut-out backgrounds direct all attention on products without distracting elements. In addition, enhanced lighting elicits positive emotions from online shoppers towards garments. So, color correction makes items seem higher quality and more premium. Also, Matching an apparel photo’s background scene with targeted buyer lifestyles builds aspirational connections. And natural shadows lend an authentic, almost tangible feel to products.

Affordable Apparel Photo Editing Pricing
Affordable Apparel Photo Editing Pricing

Affordable Apparel Photo Editing Pricing

Fortunately our global apparel photo editing company offers very affordable apparel photo editing with pricing starting as low as $0.49 per image. We also offer discounted tiered packages of 10, 50, 100+ edits with increased savings for higher quantities. Get an instant competitive quote by submitting apparel pictures via our online form. It is less than 24 hours.

Apparel Photo Editing Samples

Please browse our before & after samples of expertly edited product apparel pictures across various fashion niches Likewise- clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, athleticwear, kids wear, intimates lingerie, menswear and womenswear. Contact us to get unbranded versions of samples.

The Future of Ecommerce is Edited Apparel Photos
The Future of Ecommerce is Edited Apparel Photos

The Future of Ecommerce is Edited Apparel Photos

As this overview conveys, investing in apparel photo editing outsourcing can tremendously refine visual content results. Moreover, this drives more high converting traffic and sales down the funnel. Also, we offer very cost-effective apparel photo editing services with fast turnaround for clothing brands. So, our dedicated account managers are ready to discuss any apparel photo editing needs related to product photography editing, fashion, apparel, ecommerce, retail, catalogs, look books and beyond. Above all, we even handle specialized edits like men apparel photo editing and women apparel photo editing. Contact us to amplify product images today.

Apparel Photo Editing Services – FAQs

How much does professional photo editing cost?

Costs range widely from $0.49 per basic edit up to $30 for complex edits, with package deals averaging $1-$5 per photo.

What is the hourly rate for a photo editor?

Most editors charge $25-$100 per hour based on experience, quality, and regional costs. The average rate falls around $50/hr.

How do professionals edit photos for free?

Free edits are offered as marketing samples to demonstrate quality and skills to attract paid work, often with watermarks. Some editors also have select pro bono accounts.

How do you edit clothing photography?

Key clothing photo edits include cutting out items cleanly, color/light refinement, removing forms, smoothing wrinkles, adding lifestyle backgrounds and shadows, strategic cropping, and optionally model retouching.