What is transparent Background, and why is it useful?

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Transparent Background means that most of an image covers a certain number of pixels and has color in all pixels, though the color is white. Transparent backgrounds have nothing in the background pixels, allowing what’s behind it to show through.

To create a transparent background for the product images in Photoshop opens up a wide range of eye-catching display options for your featured products. For example, a transparent background allows you the capability to place your product against a background that effectively changes colors. On delightedly designed sites, a featured product with a transparent background can interface differently with its Background depending on the user’s screen size.

Guidelines on how to make Background Transparent in Photoshop step-by-step

In this tutorial, I describe a guideline on how to create a transparent Background in Photoshop. A transparent background image is an excellent way of making a product photo handy. Because any time you can use it with any background which you want by adding in Photoshop.

If you don’t want to use any background, you can do that also. But most often, people go with Photoshop for a transparent background to add a new and improved one except brand logos. If you go to search on the internet, you don’t find any fully explained and perfect idea about how to create Transparent Background in Photoshop.

All the solutions were half-explained and confusing to me. So, after doing some research and practicing, I got what I needed. But I wanted a solution where I could find solutions to all of my questions regarding this issue at once. So, I am trying to write this all-in-one solution for those who want to create their image transparent Background.


Summary: This is a guide on creating a Transparent Background in Photoshop, covering what it is, how to create it automatically or manually, and how to take different subjects with different tools. – From-Zahangir  


How to Make a Transparent Background in Photoshop by using Pen tool 

You can use different methods in Photoshop 2023 to erase the Background of your photos and make them transparent. I will cover all the techniques I know are the best, easy, and upstanding way. It doesn’t mean that these are the only way. The first method is to make the Background transparent with the pen tool. The pen tool works just like an actual pen. It is a manual process, but this allows you to select a subject that you expect in your image. You can use it to mark the outline of any complex or compound shape. This process is widely known as a clipping path.

Attempt 1: Open your Product photography 

Transparent background is mostly used in editing clothing photography for ecommernce shop owners. To create a Photoshop transparent background, the first thing we have to do is to select the Background. To make the selection process easy and accurate, we will use the Pen tool in Photoshop. At first, you have to open your product photo in Photoshop. To insert your photo in Photoshop, you can drag and drop the photo in the artboard. Or you can go to File→ Open New File then select the photo and click Insert, you can see your image and an original layer is opened in the layer panel in Photoshop.


Attempt 2: Create a duplicate layer for how to make a Background Transparent in Photoshop 2023

Photoshop creates an original layer when we insert our image file in the layer panel. We can go to edit on the original layer but getting back will be difficult if anything goes wrong with our original file. So, we have to create a duplicate layer from our original layer in the layer panel. To create a duplicate layer, select the original layer and then select the Duplicate Layer option. Your duplicate layer will be formed, and you are ready to start your editing.


Attempt 3: Select Pen tool from the tool panel 

 We need to select the pen tool from the tool panel as we will use the pen tool method for our selection process. So go to the left Toolbar, and from there, select the pen tool.


Attempt 4: Create a Clipping path outside the product

Now it’s time to create a Photoshop Clipping path around the subject’s edges that we want to select. As we are using product photos, we will create paths around the product.

Pro Tip: To make the selection accurate, zoom in to the edges 300%-350% and start creating the image path.



Attempt 5: After the selection, invert the Background 

When we complete creating clipping path around the product, it will get selected. After the selection, we will invert the selection to the Background. As we want to remove white Background of image, we must choose the Background, and by inverting the selection, we will get our Background selected. 

To invert the selection go to Image→ Adjustment and then select the Invert option, or you can simply press Ctrl+I, and you are done.


Attempt 6: Delete the Background

After selecting the photo background by inverting the selection now, it’s time to delete it. Hit the Delete button on the keyboard, and the Background will be deleted.


Attempt 7: Save the transparent Background Photoshop and .PNG file 

For saving the image, PNG-24 is the Best Format . It has lot of benefit, such Making any background, using different backdrop etc.


On the other hand , a pixelated background will not able to create in a different color background when the PNG-24 Format is used.



How to create Transparent Background in Photoshop by using Clipping Magic Wand Tool


The Magic Wand Tool Photoshop permits you to create a Transparent background with just a few clicks. It figures out the tone and color of the pixels click on and selects similar pixels within a specific tolerance range.

It helps to select any part of an image to replace, remove, or edit.

Whether you are a newcomer in Photoshop or an expert graphic designer, this is everywhere you need to know about applying the Magic Wand Tool to enhance your Photoshop editing skills, highly in creating transparent backgrounds quickly and precisely. So, let’s get into it and learn some magic!!!

Attempt 1: Open your Amazon photography images in Photoshop 

You can use any image as long as the edges are individual. We will use Amazon photos for this tool. As we always do, you can start by opening your Amazon photography images in Photoshop.


Attempt 2: Create a duplicate layer to create a Transparent Background in Photoshop 2023

Editing on a duplicate layer will save our original layer. Creating a duplicate layer is like a piece of cake. Go to layer→, then select the Duplicate Layer option, and our duplicate layer will be created.


Attempt 3: Select the Magic Wand Tool from the tool panel

After creating a duplicate layer, we are ready to prepare our photo editing. Now, it’s time to select our tool and start the process. Go to the Toolbar at the left and find the magic wand tool icon from there. Select the tool, and the cursor will turn into a magic wand.


Attempt 4: Select outside the Amazon photography

After selecting the magic wand tool, the selection process is just a one-click way. Take the cursor on the subject and click. The Photoshop magic wand tool will automatically detect the subject’s edge and select it by creating paths around it.


Pro Tip: The selection process with the magic wand tool takes one click, but if you want accuracy, you must zoom in and fix the edges the tool misses. The algorithm of Adobe Photoshop CC is very rich, and day by day, it is improving. As for now, it’s not perfect yet. To zoom in, use the + and – sign to select where needed.


Attempt 5: After the selection, invert the Background 

We have selected the subject, but we have to invert our selection to the Background as we want to erase the backdrop. To reverse the selection, we will go to Image→ Adjustment and select the Invert option. But if you want to speed up, you can simply press Ctrl+I, and the selection will be inverted from subject to the Background.


Attempt 6: Delete the Background to create Background transparent in photoshop

After selecting the Background, we will delete it to create the Background transparent. To delete the Background, just hit the Delete button, and it’s done.


Attempt 7: Save the Transparent Background Photoshop and .PNG file.

The Best Format for saving the image is PNG-24. The benefit of this Format is very important, just like the transparency of multiple layers.


You will get the bellow out put.


How to Make Transparent Background of Logo in Photoshop by Using Lasso Tool

Logo grabs application, makes a solid first impression, is the root of your brand identity, is memorable, separates you from competition, fosters brand loyalty, and is expected by your audience.

Creating the Background transparent is almost like a daily routine for logo makers. Because when they transport and save a logo after completing it, its Background must be transparent. Logos play a vital role for the brands, and they are used on different surfaces. So, the Background of logos must be transparent. In this method, we will erase the Background of logos and make them transparent. The tool we are using in this segment is the Lasso Tool. You can use it to remove the Background of your image as well

Attempt 1: Open your logo file in Photoshop 

Graphic designers and logo creators create the Background transparently when they export and save the logo. But if you miss that step, don’t worry. You can open your saved logo file and erase the Background anytime. So, open your logo file in Photoshop by dragging and dropping it on the art board of Photoshop. Or you can manually click on the File option from the menu bar, select the logo, then insert it.


Attempt 2: Select the lasso tool 

As we will be using the lasso tool this time for our selection process, go to the Toolbar at the left and select the lasso tool.


Attempt 3: Select outside the logo image

After selecting the lasso tool, we will now select the outside of the logo image. Just drag the cursor around the subject to select the edges while enabling the lasso tool. After dragging around the subject’s edges, you will notice a path is created. Which means your subject is selected.


Attempt 4: After the selection, invert the logo background images

After completing our selection now, we will invert the selection area and take it to the Background. To invert the selection area go to Image→ Adjustment and then select the Invert option, and the selection will be inverted.


Attempt 5: Erase the Background from the logo

To keep the background selection active, hit the Delete button, and the Background of the logo will be erased.


Attempt 6: Export the transparent Background 

Now export the transparent background logo and save it in .png-24 Format. If you use any other format, the Background won’t remain transparent, so keep this in your mind. 


You will get bellow out put.


How to Make Transparent Background of white background Image by Using Object Selection Tool

  This last segment will discuss another Photoshop selection tool that will help you select the subject quickly. You can choose medium complex images and all the simple ones using object selection tools. For this method, we will use a white background car photo. So, let’s know how the Photoshop object selection tool works and how we can make the Background transparent. 

Attempt 1: Open your white background image in Adobe Photoshop 

As usual, we will start by opening the image we want to edit. So, open your white background image in Adobe Photoshop to create the editing. Firstly, You can drag and drop the image or go to File→ Open, then select the image and click Insert.


Attempt 2: Make a duplicate layer to create a Background transparent

We will create a duplicate layer of our car image to avoid losing our original layer. So, to make a duplicate layer to our image, we will select layer→ then select the Duplicate Layer option.


Attempt 3: Select Object Selection Tool from the tool panel 

The object selection tool we will use is in the Toolbar at the left. So, go to the Toolbar and select the tool to get started.


Attempt 4: Select outside the white background image

Now we have selected the object selection tool; we only need to click and drag the cursor over the image’s subject, which is a car for us. After you leave the cursor, the tool will select outside the white background image. Zoom in and use the + or – sign to make the selection more accurate.


Attempt 5: After selecting the car, photography inverted the image.

It’s time to invert the selection we have made in the last step. To invert the selection from the subject to the Background, go to Image→ Adjustment and select the Invert option



Attempt 6: Remove the Image Background 

As our Background is selected now, it’s time to delete the Background of our image. Hit the Delete button on the keyboard to make the backdrop transparent.

Attempt 7: Save as or export with PNG file.

Please save the file in .png-24 Format while exporting it; the Background will be as transparent as expected. In this method, we learned how to remove a white background from an image like a pro. With this, our tutorial is complete, and I hope you can easily create a transparent background in the future.


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