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Welcome to our newest addition in the photoshop tutorial article. Today we will be learning how to remove an object in photoshop easily. Unwanted objects in the frame sometimes can be a pain in the head. And if you don’t know how to remove them, it will be more challenging for you. But photos sell!!! So we must work to create perfect images every time. But what if you don’t know how to remove an object in photoshop? Today in this article, we will be answering this and present you with an in-depth photoshop object removing tutorial. So let’s get started…

What is photoshop remove an object? 

You are getting unwanted objects in the frame while photo shooting is a normal thing to happen. Especially when you are shooting in a crowded place, it gets impossible to avoid unwanted items. And you have to focus on the shooting leaving everything else on image post-processing. 


So when your image gets an unwanted object in it, and you remove it in post-processing using Photoshop, the process is what we know as photoshop to remove the object. There are a number of methods if you want to remove objects from a photo in photoshop, but not all of them are easy to do. So below, I have compiled some of the easiest ways from which you can know how to remove objects from photos effortlessly.

How to remove an object in photoshop

 Well, this is one of the easiest ways of removing objects in photoshop, but for this technique, you must use the latest adobe photoshop cc. The tool we are going to use is one of the newest additions to the photoshop cc. I am assuming that we all are using the latest version of the software and will step ahead in the tutorial.

Step 1: Insert The Image

Open the software and insert the image in the dashboard. The easiest way of inserting an image in Photoshop is to drag the image you want to edit and drop it on the dashboard. An original layer will be opened in the layer panel, and the image will be ready to edit.


Step 2: Select The Object

In the second step, we will select the object we want to remove. To do this, we will use a selection tool. There are a couple of selection tools available in photoshop, but we will use the Object Selection Tool to keep it simple


Select the object selection tool from the toolbar at the left. And then drag the cursor over the object we want to remove by pressing the left button in the mouse. When we release the cursor, our object will get selected automatically.

Step 3: Using Content Aware Fill

Now we will use the Content Aware Fill tool to remove the object. Press Shift+backspace, and a Fill settings window will pop up. From there, we will select the content Aware as the fill. The tool will scan the image and bring suitable content and fill the selected area by removing the object. Yes, it works like magic, and the photobomber will disappear for good from the image.


Step 4: Save The File

Lastly, save your image by clicking Ctrl+S on the keyboard by giving a proper name as you wish. Pro Tip: You can practise using other selection tools for this technique. Apart from this


How to remove an object in photoshop from product photography – Using Spot Healing Brush tool

This method will use a photoshop spot healing brush tool to remove objects from the photo. Spot healing brush best fits for things that are small or seems like a spot, such as a socket hole in a wall. So let’s know how to photoshop remove object from product photography using the photoshop spot healing brush tools. These tools are used for color correction of any images.

Step 1: Open Your Product Photography In Adobe Photoshop Cc

As usual, the first step we will do is insert the product photo we want to edit in photoshop. There are two ways of inserting an image in photoshop cc, but I use the shortcut one. Open the photoshop cc software, drag and drop the image in the artboard of the photoshop cc. 


Step 2: Create a new layer for how to remove an object in photoshop

After inserting the image, it will create an original layer in the layer panel. In the second step, we will create a duplicate new layer from the original layer. If you don’t know how to create a duplicate new layer, then read our previous article to showcased how to change the background in photoshop.


Step 3: Zoom At The Product Photography Object You Want To Remove.

Click on the new layer and then zoom at the product photography object you want to remove. In the product photo, only photographers need to focus on the product only. In the frame, any unwanted object is not allowed. To zoom in on the object, you want to remove as much as you can.


Step 4: Select The Spot Healing Brush Tool for how to remove an object in photoshop

In this step, we will select the spot healing brush tool photoshop from the left toolbar. Spot healing brush will help us to remove spots or unwanted object from the image. It is mainly used for photography retouching Select the brush size according to your requirement from the top. You might have to play with the brush size to find the perfect size.


Step 5: Brush Over The Object You Want To Remove Unwanted Object

In this last step, we need to brush over the object that we want to remove. Brushing over the unwanted thing will magically remove it from the image. But it all depends on the brush size and how perfectly you will be able to erase the object or. Start with a small size brush and, if required, increase the brush size and paint over the object. After painting, the object will be removed entirely from the image without any trace for some time. Save the file when you are done editing. 


How to remove an object in photoshop from model photography – using clone Stamp Tools

In this part, we will remove unwanted objects from model photos using the clone stamp tool. The clone stamp tool Photoshop’s working process is that we have to select an area that we want to replace with the unwanted object. 

Step 1: Open Model Photography Images In Adobe Photoshop For Photoshop Remove Object

After selecting the model photo with an unwanted object to remove, we will need to open the model photography images in adobe photoshop for photoshop to remove the object. Go to File→ Open New Image. A window will pop and from there, navigate to your image, select it and click Ok to insert it in the artboard. 


Step 2: Select the Clone Stamp Tool to remove an object in Photoshop

In the second step, it’s time to select the clone stamp tool photoshop. Go to the left toolbar and select the clone stamp tool. After selecting the clone stamp tool, hold the Alt key and select the area you want to use as a sample after removing the object.


Step 3: Zoom At The Model Photography Image You Want To Remove Bg Or White Background

Now that We have selected the area that we want to use as a sample after removing the unwanted object. Now paint over the object, and because of the clone stamp and our selection, the sample area we had selected earlier will replace the unwanted object. The clone stamp tool copies the pixel of that area we choose. A small plus sign will show that the brush is copying over the object you want to remove from the sample area. You can simply remove white background photoshop.


How To Photoshop Remove Object In Black Background Image – Using Patch Tool

Patch tools is another way to how to remove an object in photoshop. Patch tool is handy unwanted object removing tool in photoshop that works best with solid backgrounds such as black and white. Now we will talk about how to photoshop remove objects in the background image using a patch tool. It best works with apparel product photos, but you can use different things if you want some experience.

Step 1: Open Garments Product Photography Images

Open photoshop cc and then open the garment product photography images that you want to edit in photoshop. You will find the image insertion process in the previous methods above. Create a duplicate layer from the layer panel for the safety of the original image if you want. Sometimes patch tools are used for product photography editing services. Like as image color correction and photoshop masking service


Step 2: Select Patch Tool Form Tool Panel 

Now go to the left toolbar and select the patch tool. The patch tool is more like the opposite of the clone stamp tool. With the patch tool, you don’t have to choose the sample area first. You have to select the area you want to remove at the first stage. 


Step 3: Draw A Line Around The Object You Want To Remove

Now zoom in on the area that you need to remove, and by keeping the patch tool selected, draw a line around the object you want to remove. Try to draw straight lines around the object and keep the line distance from the object equal to get the perfect result. Here is more about turn photo into line drawing.


Step 4: Drag The Selection To An Area That You Want To Use As A Patch Sample.

Complete drawing lines around the object and then click on the selected area, drag it towards the area that you want to use as a patch sample. The selected area will cover the sample area, and if you have selected the right combination of lighting and surface, then it will not be visible at all. And you will get your unwanted object removed.


Step 5: This is the final step on how to remove an object in photoshop

When you are done editing your image, save it by pressing Ctrl+S on the keyboard. After you press, a window will appear, and you will be able to navigate folders and select where you want to save, then click ok.


Photoshop Remove Object From White Background Image

Sometimes you might require photoshop to remove objects from the white background image. Well, the best tool to remove objects for the white background image is the combination of patch tool and content aware fill. Please read the previous tutorial where I used the patch tool to remove objects from photo photoshop


Photoshop Remove Object From Color Background

If your image background has colours and you need to remove white background unwanted objects from it, the best method will be to use the content aware fill tool. Here is how to remove an object in photoshop. Perfecting the colour manually and replacing the spot or object with it is tough to do. The content aware tool reads the image and erases the object with the background that fits best automatically. Adobe Photoshop has the latest cutting edge artificial intelligence built into its algorithm. Using machine learning technology, the content aware tool can read the scenario better than our naked eye can in image editing. 



What is the best tools on How to remove an object in photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has a number of tools for photoshop to remove object from photo, but not all of them are worthy of knowing about. Removing objects from the photo technique has two major parts: we need to use two types of tools to select the unwanted object and the other for erasing it.

For the selection process, you can use auto selection tools such as the object selection tool, the quick selection tool and the lasso tool. You can consider using the pen tool for the selection because it will provide you with the most precise selection you could get. But the pen tool is a professional tool, and to get the proper selection, you must learn it first.

We have used the patch tool, clone stamp tool, and healing brush tool to remove the unwanted object from a photo. All of them are great in their respective fields and fail miserably if used in other areas. So deciding which one is the best tool for photoshop removal is not correct and also easy. It depends on the user’s preference. Let’s compare each of them with each other and see what we can get,

Patch tools vs Stamp tool 

In this step, we will discuss Which is the best tool on how to remove an object in photoshop. We can decide which one is better between these two because the patch tool calculates your lighting, shading, image retouching and texture; on the other hand, the clone stamp tool is just cloning an area on top of the other. The patch tool works with a lasso tool to select the area we want to remove. And then it makes the fixes we require by keeping the texture, lighting and shading as accurate as possible. Getting all the essential materials of the image selected automatically helps us not to worry about it. But with a clone stamp tool, it will clone the area we have chosen, and it won’t read whether the lighting fits or not. So the photoshop patch tool is the clear winner of this round.

Patch tools vs Healing Brush tool

The patch tool works like a bandage where you select the object you want to remove and then drag it to an area that will perfectly replace it. On the other hand, the healing brush works like how our actual healing process is. The area we want to remove using the tool will heal all by itself. The mechanism works like when we use the healing tool; it brings pixels from nearby by calculating the lighting and shading then place them over the area or object we want to remove. So you decide which one is the best between these two tools. But based on the simplicity, we can choose the healing brush tool over the patch tool.

The Bottom Line

It’s time to put a full stop in your search on how to remove something from a picture in photoshop. Because in this editorial, I bring to you some of the easy to do and simple understand photoshop object removing tutorials. I hope you learn and try these methods, practice them and master them to edit your images.

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