Silo Path’s Refund policies

Silo Path is a leading photo editing, retouching, and Photoshop service provider based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are proud to offer our clients excellent photo editing services that meet their specific needs, all while delivering quality work and exceptional customer service. It is a reputed photo editing services provider that has worked since 2014. In the process of receiving client orders and job delivery, Silo Path has some terms and conditions regarding payment and refund systems. Silo Path accepts to receive payment via PayPal, checkout, cards, and bank transfer or wire transfer.

 A company’s policy on refunds or returns is completely discretional, meaning there is no legal obligation to offer refunds or returns. However, the silo path is always dedicated to refunds for it’s to build customer’s trust to increase better relationships.

Silo Path always strives to protect the interests of the clients. In this case, the silo path follows some rules and regulations that are very protective of client’s interests. The Silo Path states the flowing applicable laws and regulations of refund policy.

1. Clients can get a refund if they cancel the orders mutually after payment.

2. After Mutual order cancelation, the client will get 75% of the total amount within 15-30 days, and the silo path will preserve 25% of the total amount for Security and safety purposes.

3. From 25% of the total amount, Silo Path deducts 5% for refund processing charges which is inevitable.

4. The client will get the remaining 20% within 12 months of cancelation.

5. They can do it if clients want to adjust the amount (From 20%) with the next one or several orders. In this case, condition number 4 will not be applicable.

6. If clients pay more than the submitted invoice amounts (over-invoicing), the abovementioned conditions will apply to those cases.

7. Silo Path also refunds a partial part of the total amount of orders if the delivered jobs have any issues (such as job turnaround, missing instruction, misunderstanding, and unexpected mistakes that are occurred from the silo path end).

8. Condition number 7 depends on the mutual view of both sides (Silo Path and clients).

9. In respect of the above mentioned conditions, the Foreign Exchange Act of The Central Bank of Bangladesh(Bangladesh Bank) and the Act issued by the Bangladesh Board of Revenue from time to time are strongly  applicable.

Silo Path is determined to protect all the client’s interests.

Silo Path is always ready to cooperate with all the customers about refunds or replacements even if they are unsatisfied with any services.