Hair masking Photoshop is one of the most using topics for image edit. Photoshop has a large number of tools that cut objects out of images. It’s not a basic Photoshop job. Strands of hair are going in multiple directions in the photo. So, you can try a selective to cut out the background.

Cutting out hair from Photoshop is not so much hard if you know some tricks. Select tool and mask tool is one of them. Hair masking Photoshop makes an image look more beautiful. This hair masking cut down the unnecessary part of the hair which makes the photo dull.  Headshot attractiveness sometimes depends on hair. As much as you can do the image masking smoothly, the image will look better.

What is a hair mask?

Hair masking service is a part of Photoshop masking service. Hair masks mean cutting out the hair from an image which makes the image look destructive. Do hair masking Photoshop experts have to use the select and mask tool. Those tools automatically select the edges. In model photography, hair masking services are used widely. If your hair is looking fatherly and wild in a photo. Probably you can get a negative review for that. But if you know Photoshop hair masking service then you will not face this problem.

Photoshop hair masking service replaces your photo ordinary to extraordinary. By Photoshop hair masking you can mask a particular portion of hair in an image. It’s a very useful issue about this tool in Photoshop. Hair masking Photoshop does the very same work as in real life. There is various type of tools for hair masking in Photoshop. You can do as you like. At the time of the photo shoot, the model faces various types of disturbances. For this reason, photos are not looking well as you want. This hair masking service helps you in this situation.

How to do hair masking in Photoshop?

Image retouching is a part of photo editing and masking is a class of this retouching. Hair masking in Photoshop is an advanced technique and has to use the various tool. Using the select and mask tool in Photoshop, you can do it. Photoshop CS3 and CS5 have some differences in masking. You have to be careful during work in Photoshop about this.

CS5 added some new features related to the photo masking service. Following all of the instructions on hair masking, you can do it perfectly. Hair masking in Photoshop is not rocket science. If you want to make your own how to mask in Photoshop then follow this step. Just need to have knowledge about hair masking tools and practice them. I will try to describe the simple way of doing hair masking in Photoshop below. By following those instructions, I hope you can do a simple project without hesitation. 

Step 1: Open your model photography images in Photoshop CC 2021

Firstly, you have to open your model photography photo in Photoshop CC 2021. To open this, go to file and then open. You will get a window box. From there, you can search your photo to open it. Select the photo from the window for hair masking service and click on open. The image will be open in Photoshop. There has another option too. You can also drag a photo from a folder or windows and desktop. Now the second step is quick selection. Step by step you are going to know about hair masking briefly. Following those instructions, you can do simple hair masking. Making your headshot or regular image more attractive, you can use this hair masking tool.


Step 2: Select the quick selection from the toolbar

By doing hair masking in Photoshop, you can use verities of tools. The select and mask tool is one of them. You can do work faster with these two tools. You can also use the Photoshop clipping path for this. To do that, first, select a quick-select tool from Photoshop. Point the tool to the background while pressing the shift key; pull it all over the surroundings.


Step 3: Make a selection

Following the above instruction, you get a selection of photos. Don’t worry about the perfection of choice. Just get a regular selection of hair in the image. You can see dots around your photo area. That means the selection has been made. Now go in another step.


Step 4: Fill the Selection

Go forward and upturn the selection. So the person and person’s hair are only selected. The background of the photo is not selected yet. You have to use the SHIFT, CONTROL and I keys to do this selection. The whole area you have work will be selected by this. You fill the selection this way.


Step 5: Create a mask

Now you have to create a mask of rough selection. Tops into the layers window and click the icon to add a vector mask in the lowest part. It will look like a rectangle with a circle inside. If you click to add a mask, a second box you can see in the layer icon. You can see a black and white mask in your clipping.


Step 6: Refine the selection and mask

In this section, you had a hair mask. And it’s not good enough. You just made a layer yet but did not do anything with this. The mask will be looking like transparent or semi-transparent background. Now you can use the refine tool to make your selection more exact than before. In the toolbox, you can find it on the left side. If a plus icon is in a brush in the middle, you are selecting the tool correctly.

You can add this to the selection. Can added hair which you missed in the first selection. On another hand, with a minus icon in a brush, you can remove any part from the selection in Photoshop. For changing the mode, you can hold down the control or use the icon on the right side too. Using a semi-large brush, you can do the work as well. With more accuracy, you can zoom the photo and take a small brush for this. The mask and select tool can detect the edge on its own. Even the semi-transparent edge can also be detected by this tool. A busier background will need more accuracy with a small brush tool.


Step 7: Adjusting with the mask

Still, your mask needs a little bit more corrective than a paintbrush is your second option. Have to click on the paintbrush from the mask and use it for more refining. Want to back your default color to black and white. Press down D on your keyboard for this. Paint white by paintbrush include in the mask and paint black for excluding from mask. Select and mask tools typically do better work for masking. Large area and straight edges are easy to adjust by using the paintbrush.


Step 8: Remove Halos

Sometimes, hair masking leaves some edges which do not look good. Often a part that is brighter than surroundings, it’s called a halo. Have an option on your mask in the layers panel to pick the mask to remove that halo. If the mask selection is finished, now you have to select a contract. You have to select one pixel and click ok. It’s working only inside the mask.

Now it’s time to invert the selection. Causes have to choose the background option for this. You can use the keyboard as a shortcut. Windows users can use SHIFT, CONTROL, and I keyword for this. Mac users can use SHIFT, COMMAND, and I on the keyboard. Now, you have to fill the background layer with black. You can use SHIFT and DELETE for this. There has a pop-up window. Choose black from the contents and press down on it. Easily you can remove the halo by contracting the background by a pixel.



Step 9: Completed the hair masking

In the last of this process, you can see that not all hair is selected. But you do spend hours doing this perfectly. It’s also ok now. All of the hair is not possible to do a mask. Perhaps it will look better than raw photos. Using a paintbrush tool, select tools, mask tool can help you with hair masking. If you can use those tools perfectly then, it will be easy for you to do this.



Hair masking service is one of the painful jobs in photo editing service. Hair masking is widely used in model photography. It can increase the natural look of hair in the photo. It can increase the value of an image. If you do not have enough experts for doing this, then you can hire experts. We have a bunch of experts for doing this service perfectly. Following the above blog, you can do a hair masking job as well. A professional look is given by only an expert in photo hair masking service. Before doing this, make sure that you are expert enough for doing this work on your own.